Reap More of What You Sow

Choose soil restoration services for increased production and profits

Year after year, you struggle to produce the same amount of crops as in years past and are failing to see a payoff. Break the cycle by replenishing your soil with the help of InTerra Environmental Solutions. When you use our products for the soil on your farm, you’ll see:

• Healthier crops and soil
• Reduced water consumption
• Reduced need for chemical fertilizers
• Decreased insect population, and many other benefits

Restore the nutrients that have been depleted from your soil before it’s too late. Reclaim it with the help of InTerra Environmental Solutions.

Reduce costs and increase the profits from your soil

When you attempt to grow crops in soil where the supply of microbes and biologicals has been exhausted, you’re setting yourself up for a costly failure. Let InTerra Environmental Solutions show you how you can take back your land and reduce the cost of farming through the benefits of humates. We provide the most advance products for soil fertility, restoration and reclamation.

Our products are designed to balance the pH of the soil and restore the organic matter for increased water retention. Increased moisture and natural restoration of your soil’s nutrients means less money spent on watering and fertilizer, and more in your pocket. See what InTerra Environmental Solutions can do for your crop yield today.

We work closely with farmers to improve their land

InTerra Environmental Solutions believes that what we do is a communal effort. Our process begins with you, the farmer—so start by sending us an analysis of your soil. We’ll take a look at it and recommend the most effective products and soil treatments. From restoring your soil's natural nutrients to increasing its water retention, we have a solution that will help you to meet all of your soil restoration goals.

Reach out to InTerra Environmental Solutions for a soil analysis today.

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